Monday, January 18, 2010

Champagne Brunch Bargain in Tulsa

This weekend Dianne and I enjoyed a fantastic buffet at the Creek Nation Casino in Tulsa. Every Sunday they offer a Champagne Brunch for $16 per person. That is a pretty big bargain for such a diverse buffet including soft drinks and champagne. The buffet included: seafood, asian food, premium beef, every breakfast item I have ever heard of and a vast array of delicate little pastries, tarts, tiny cheescake bites and itty bitty eclairs.

I tried cheese blintzes for the first time as Dianne quietly hoarded a king's ransom worth of creme cheese and lox. Dianne reports that the champagne was wonderful, but suggest everyone skip the champagne cocktails they offer and drink it straight! Bubbly is sweet enough without adding orange juice or cranberry juice.

Visions Buffet - River Spirit Casino in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
1616 E. 81st, Tulsa OK


Anonymous said...

Any suggestions for Valentine's Day dinner? I'm craving Molly's in Catoosa, any other unique spots?

Thomas said...

These days, I only have eyes for Sushi Train!

Anonymous said...

Not 16:00 now 25:00 not worth it